What is a Medical Home?

Medical Home is a place where all of your health care is coordinated by a Health Care Provider, including check-ups, shots, sick visits or any other medical needs.

Your Primary Care Provider, which should be your first stop to wellness, can be a doctor’s office, community health center, clinic, or health department.

Know When to Choose Your Medical Home or Emergency Room

When you or your family are sick or injured, one of the toughest decisions is to know when to go and where!

By having a Medical Home, you will ultimately receive better treatment by a provider that know you and your family. You will also reduce ER costs that will aid in reducing Healthcare costs.

A Hospital Emergency Room or Emergency Department is not a Medical Home.

Why not go to the Emergency Department:

When not requiring medical care within 12 hours, require immediate care but can be safely and effectively treated in a primary setting by a clinician, or the nature of immediate care could be prevented through timely and appropriate primary care visits.



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Did you KNOW?

The Average Cost per Primary Care Related Emergency Department Visit is Roughly $400

The CDC estimates that the number of visits to Emergency Departments in 2016 totaled just under 150 million. of which, 27% of these visits could have been handled in a clinical office and nearly 40% of emergency department visits were conducted in under 15 minutes. 41% of visits were Primary Care related, costing hospitals in one state alone nearly $5 billion in uncompensated care.

42% of Emergency Department Visits were related to Pain and 39 per every 1000 patients were discharged with opioid prescriptions. Just under 3% of Emergency Department visits for Behavioral Health resulted in Psychiatric Hospital Admission.

Patients who received case management through medical homes were less likely to have any or multiple Emergency Department Visits.

Medical Debt
In 2014, more than 75 million people complained they were having problems paying off medical debt; medical debt is the number 1 cause of bankruptcy.*

Strep Tests
A visit to an ER for strep throat is approximately $531 vs. $111 at a Medical Home.*

Insurance plans offer lower copays at a Medical Home visit than an ER visit; $25-$50 VS. $100 or more.*

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