By having a Medical Home, you will ultimately receive better treatment by a provider that know you and your family. Your primary care provider will have access to you and your family’s records and history that may be helpful when you visit. Emergency Rooms and quick care clinics may not have access to those records.

In addition to quality of care, you stand to benefit financially as well. ER and quick care costs are typically 200-500% higher than those at your Medical Home.

Lastly, when Emergency Rooms are used for non-emergencies, the costs for running the ER are increased which impacts the overall cost of health insurance. So the bottom line is, by reducing ER costs together we will be reducing health care costs for everyone.

A medical home is a place where all of your health care is coordinated by a Primary Care Provider (PCP), including check-ups, shots, sick visits or any other medical needs. Your Primary Care Provider, which should be your first stop to wellness, can be a doctor’s office, community health center, clinic, or health department.

To learn when you should go to a medical home or the emergency room, CLICK HERE!

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